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Enjoy ViBey, crisp clean and Jitter voice messaging with our Voice Over Internet Protocol

ViB Mobile affords you with technologies and methodologies that enable voice and multimedia transmissions over various internet protocol services. Harness the speed and agility of the contact centre platform for customer engagement and unified communications. Usethe amount of capital expenditure required to install, maintain and use the services.

One of the biggest advantages of VoIP is its remote connectivity, allowing employees to remain connected to business operations while on the go.

An array of voice services options gives you flexibility and choice. Some of those services include:

  • Audio calls
  1. Music On Hold: We at ViB Mobile have realized that it takes two to tango, so tango with your customers over great tunes & on hold call adverts with an exceptional harmonious melody as your customers wait for you to pick up that phone and do business. Remember, nobody likes waiting for the old-fashioned beep song for too long, rather captivate them with something to keep them patient.

2. Ringback Tunes: Produce a corporate jingle to help your organization differentiate itself from the rest of the competition with ViB’s

3. Call Transfer: ViB Mobile’s telecommunication mechanisms lets you send a phone call that’s currently in progress to another phone making ease of access to getting help easier. We help you Establish a warm welcome towards your client or valued prospect with our call transfer feature.

the phone service that best fits your business needs.

Take advantage of the vastly improved voice quality the VoIP offers, in addition to the simplified setup and equipment required. ViB Mobile hosts VoIP services on its cloud servers which reduces

VoIP also provides more powerful conferencing features, such as conference calling, call recording and call forwarding, which are some of the services every business should ensure they can access in order to be considered the best.

4. Interactive Voice Response (IVR): Help clients interact with any company’s real-time voice menu where customers can choose through various options by the click of a button to get their specific help needed. helps us to send those important voice mails directly to your email to make sure you do not miss out on the important messages.

5. Voice mail to Email: We at ViB Mobile know the importance of attending to any voice mail you might or could have missed, our telecoms technological wizardry Corporate Ringback tunes.

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