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We are the point at which distribution of content, from content creators, Owners and Mobile Network Operators meet.

ViB Mobile aggregates games, applications, videos, music & images

Engaging text can be your first way to capture your consumers imagination. It could be the start starting point of your consumer’s journey. ViB mobile hosts one of the biggest platforms in Africa and has the capacity to reach mass target audiences. We will afford you with a platform that will allow you to broadcast your content to millions of customers globally.

from the world’s hottest developers, brands & provides them homogenized via one single interface to its distribution & retail partners. We assist in the practical challenges of improving mobile content delivery.

  • Our platform can be programmed to support various content formats such as ringtones, text, games etc.
  • High reach to mass target audiences
  • Demographic and geographic targeting has been made easier
  • Our platform can be integrated to various platforms

Time spent on mobile devices is constantly rising. This is partly due to social media applications and interactive websites. ViB Mobile offers mobile content tailored to clients’ specific needs. The content is geared to capture and retain consumers’ attention and promote engagement with the brand.

  • Games
  • Video
  • Images
  • Audio

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